August 16, 2011

Expecting {More} Love - Emily's Maternity Session{Lemoore, CA Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer}

Here are more photos from Emily's maternity session.  I love so many of her imges & wish she would let me share them all online, but you'll have to ask her to show you the other photos.  The ones she won't let me post are most definitely my favorite.  =) 

Emily & Stephan - thank you for allowing me to document this wonderful & exciting time in your lives.  Your daughter is going to be so loved - she is already surrounded by the love you two have for each other and will feel that when she makes her appearance next month.  I am so happy for you both and cannot wait to meet little Avery.  I hope you love these photos as much as I do. 

I'm also entering the silhouette above in the Rock The Shot Forum's contest.  This is one of my firsts silhouettes ever - and I love it!  I hope you do too.  Go ahead and look at all the other images from the August photo challenge from Rock The Shot.  There are some amazing entries! 
Rock the Shot

August 10, 2011

Expecting {More} Love - Emily's Maternity Session Sneak Peek {Lemoore, CA Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer}

Here are a couple sneek peaks from Emily's maternity session on Friday & Saturday last week.  I had so much fun trying new techniques & posing with her.  She is so beautiful & was a natural in front of the camera.  Also, these images are nearly straight out of camera - the only thing I did for processing was bump up the contrast slightly.  Amazing!  I love when I don't have to do much to an image to get to my vision.  I will defnitely be posting more of this session later as I LOVE so many of the images! 

July 31, 2011

Beaultiful Rochelle {Beauty Session| Lemoore, CA Photographer}

Life has been crazy busy lately between working 40 hours a week at my other job, baby showers, housework, and of course spending time with my men I haven't had much time for editing.  But, because my husband has been gone for the past week and my mom took some time to spend with Joseph I got a lot done this weekend.  I finished editing Ashley & Ryan's wedding and sent all their images to them.  I also finished a maternity session and shot & edited another Beauty Session.  Thank you all for your patience!  The week before my husband left I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him and because I was working full-time at my other job, that meant no editing time.  Now, I am all caught up on editing and ready for the next item on my to do list...which is a very LONG list!  =)

Now that I am all caught up I want to share with you some photos from my friend Rochelle's Beauty Session.  Rochelle is a beautiful woman, a great mother & wife.  Not to mention, she's a great hair stylist!  (If you're in Visalia and looking for someone, I highly recommend her - she works at Tiffany's Salon & Spa).  If you book a beauty session with me that includes hair styling, Rochelle is the one that will be helping you out.  Yay!!  I am so excited about her being my partner in the Beauty Campaign sessions because she really has a passion for wanting to help women feel beautiful in their own skin, and she is fantastic at it!

Without further ado....

As part of the process of a beauty session, each woman must ask someone close to her to complete a brief, but highly meaningful assignment.  Part of that assignment is for them to tell the woman why they think she is beautiful.

Here are some of the things Rochelle's Mother-in-law and husband said about her:

Mother In Law:

Describe your feelings, and what stood out to you when you first met Rochelle.
[I noticed] a joy when you look at her and felt it come from her.

What characteristics does she have that you admire?
She has an assertiveness to sensitivity to others.

What is your best memory of you two together?
She colored my hair even before she went to beauty school and she was so nervous.  I enjoyed the girl play time.

In your eyes, why is Rochelle beautiful?
Rochelle is beautiful because of how gracious she is, especially with her daughter.


Describe your feelings, and what stood out to you when you first met Rochelle.
(I'm paraphrasing here...) I knew I had to meet her because she was so beautiful.

What characteristics does she have that you admire?
She is a great parent, a hard worker (at home & work).  She is patient with both our daughter and me.  She takes good care of our family, her family, and my family.  She takes care of others when they need help with anything.

What is the best memory of you two together?
The trip to the coast camping with our family and our trip alone to Santa Cruz for Father's Day.

In your eyes, why is Rochelle beautiful?
She has a beautiful face, a really sexy body and an ass that drives you nuts!  She has the biggest heart in the whole world!  

Why Rochelle knows she is beautiful

I am beautiful because....

I am kind to others

I have a good sense of style

I always try to have great hair.

I am a great wife to my husband.

I am a great Mommy to my daughter.

This is My Beauty Campaign!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Rochelle, you ARE beautiful!  Thank you for everything!  I can't wait to work with you and all the women who join this campaign.

Here is her slide show of images as well.

If you are interested in having a Beauty Session of your own, or you know of someone you think a session might benefit, please feel free to contact me for further details. Email me at

June 30, 2011

Newborn Special! {Lemoore, CA Newborn Photographer}

Do you know someone who's just had a baby or is about to have one? Send them to me for their newborn session! Not only will you receive a $50 portrait print credit as a thank you for the referral, but they'll get their session for FREE!

*Here's the details: Simply purchase a newborn session for $150 and receive the entire session fee in credit for your portrait print order if the session takes place on a Monday or Friday morning fromJuly 25, 20ll to August 29, 2011. Newborn sessions are for babies under 3 weeks of age. Payment in full is due at the time of booking and is non-refundable.

After attending The Art of Pregnancy & Newborn Photography (TAoPaN)'s workshop this past weekend, I'm committed to photographing more newborns more often! I just went prop shopping with newborns in mind and have some new goodies I really want to test out.

Go to the Facebook or Christina Baltazar Photography to see a gallery of my work and for contact information.

To purchase your session click here:

**Fine Print**
Offer not valid with any other discounts, gift cards, or giveaways.

May 11, 2011

Rebecca - Expecting Love {Maternity/My Beauty Campaign}

Here are a few photos from my dear friend Becky's maternity session a couple weeks ago.  I've been meaning to blog these for awhile.  Becky said the following about her My Beauty Campaign + Maternity session before even seeing her photos:

"It [The session] was amazing. At first I didn't know how I would get the homework done for it just because my time has been jam packed lately. But I was so glad I did. After reading what Meghann and John had to say about me I felt like a million bucks. I had a hard time getting together an outfit for the shoot, but was very happy with the way it turned out.

I had such a blast doing the photos. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first. I just have a hard time being the main focus. But even with the cars driving by I had so much fun. It will definitely be something I'll remember forever. And you were amazing. You made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. And it was also just nice to see you. Even if just for a bit. Thank you for the experience. It truly made me feel gorgeous and very proud to be sporting my baby bump. John and I even went out to dinner afterwards just because I didn't want to go home once we were all dressed up. So we had a great day!

Thank you again for driving all that way and taking the time out of your day to do that. I can't wait for you to get some photos of Micah now :0) "

Isn't she beautiful!  Thank you so much for the experience Becky!  I had a blast, and you truly are beautiful!

April 20, 2011

Amazing Giveaway!

Crave Photography is having an amazing giveaway for a FREE 2-day all-expense paid mentoring session.  She does AMAZING work and would be so honored to win a spot!  Here's to hoping!   

April 19, 2011

Emilyn {newborn, Lemoore, CA}

Here are a few more from Emilyn's session. She is so cute!  I want to squeeze those little cheeks every time I see them!  :)

April 13, 2011

Culture's Effect On Girls - Let's Change Lives!

Do you know a young lady who struggles with her self-image? I'm sure we all know at least one. If you have a daughter from ages 12 & up and want a way to teach her how beautiful she really is, think about getting her a gift that will do just that.

After reading this article, and reflecting back on what my life was like in high school, my heart breaks.  Please read it and then come back here.

To know how things have changed (become worse) in even the last 10 years for young girls makes me want to do something about it!  If I ever have a daughter, I want her to know how beautiful she really is.  She will always deserve to be treated with respect and loved for who she is, rather than be judged by what society says she should look like or do.  For my son, I plan to raise him as a virtuous young man who respects women and sees the beauty in what God has created.  I know all parents want their children to be moral people and treat others with respect; but if we don't talk to our kids about what is in the media today and the messages they are being bombarded with everywhere they turn - how can we expect our children to know they have value? 

Help me change the lives of young girls in our area by booking your daughter her senior or other portrait session with me and it will not just be like any other photographers.  It will be a life-changing experience, I promise! 

April 12, 2011

Emilyn {newborn, Lemoore, CA}

I had the pleasure of photographing little Emilyn on Saturday.  She is so precious.  Despite not enjoying being naked, she was so calm.  Her big sister is a cutie too!  Here's a sneak peek from Saturday's session. 

April 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Specials!

Mother's Day Specials have arrived!  I decided to save a day for Mommy & Me sessions.  You can see the specials by clicking here.  Call or email to set up your session.  Gift Certificates are also available upon request.

April 7, 2011

Evolution of Beauty

Found this video from Dove. Such a great illustration of how altered images seen in the media are. No wonder we have such a distorted view of beauty. I promise to never alter your images in a way that will make you look like a different person. I will get rid of temporary imperfections and blemishes so you have an image you LOVE, but will not alter how you really look. You are beautiful just the way you are!

To learn about My Beauty Campaign (created by Mandi Nuttall) visit my website ( or

April 2, 2011

My Beauty Campaign Recap


I am honest
I am self-sufficient and reliable
I see the good in everyone I meet
I am a great mother
I was created by a wonderful and  merciful God

Now that I have completed my own personal session of MBC, I could not be more excited about sharing this experience with other women!  When I came across MBC a few short months ago I thought it was an amazing thing to do for women.  I didn't think I would have the chance to be a part of it.  I kept thinking about it, and decided it was worth the investment.  I am so glad I did!  Even if this doesn't take off with my clients (but, please if you are interested, let me know!), I have become more confident in who I am.  I still struggle with the typical things like my tummy is too flabby, or my butt is too big.  But, now that I've gone through this process, I'm okay with not being perfect.  Of course, it helps that I have two wonderful men in my life that help me to see how beautiful I really am.  Joseph, my nearly 18 month old son, loves to play with my "flabby" tummy.  And, Frank, has always loved my "big" butt!  :)  So, even though I may struggle with the way I look sometimes, to know that there are people who love me for who I am and what I do, is a true reminder that I am beautiful!  

A big thank you to my Mom for helping on my journey.  I wouldn't be this confident if it weren't for you.
Another big thank you to Vanessa Villagrana for taking the photos you see above.  She did a great job!

Chasing Beauty? {My Beauty Campaign Photographer - Lemoore, CA}

I can definitely relate this video. Every time I see a woman I see something in her that is beautiful that I may not have. I long for it. At least, I did, until I realized I am beautiful too - just the way I am. Please, join me in My Beauty Campaign. You will see that YOU are beautiful too!

I am now offering sessions. These sessions are SIGNIFICANTLY discounted compared to my other session packages, as I know many women have a difficult time spending money on themselves. Contact me for more details, or visit my website.

April 1, 2011

Mother's Day is Coming May 8th!

Mother's Day is May 8th and quickly approaching!  Have you thought about what to get your mother?  Or, the mother of your children?  How about a photography session?  Lookout for specials to be posted by next week!  Act fast, because the deals won't last long!

March 29, 2011

I am Beautiful {My Beauty Campaign}

As I mentioned in my post the other day. I am starting to offer My Beauty Campaign sessions. As a part of the process of becoming an official My Beauty Campaign photographer, each photographer has to have her own Beauty Session done. Well, I just had my session done on Sunday. What a fantastic experience! Now I know what it really feels like to be on the other end of the camera! My friend Vanessa Villagrana (owner of Lil' Sweet Prince Photocards) took the photos for me. Here is the sneak peek of my session that she sent to me. I will post more about the session and my experience once she is done editing and I have a few more minutes to write a full-length post. Without further ado - This is MY Beauty Campaign!

To learn more about My Beauty Campaign created by Mandi Nuttal visit my website.

March 25, 2011

My Beauty Campaign! {Lemoore, CA Beauty Photographer}

If you go to my website you will see a tab for "My Beauty Campaign". These are new sessions I will be offering and I could not be more excited about it! Mandi Nuttal is the photographer who created this campaign and I am so glad to be a part of it.

Here is a video all about it:

If you are interested in having a session, please contact me for details. I offer single sessions as well as 2-for-1 sessions if you would like to do this with a friend.

New Website is Up! {Lemoore, CA Photographer}

If you follow me on Facebook ( you should already know that I have a new website! It is still a work in progress, but at least it is up! I designed it myself, so please let me know if you have any feedback - or functionality programs. New website is

March 15, 2011

The Savvy Photographer blog giveaway!

Trying to win some great photography props & other items! The Savvy Photographer is givingaway a truck load of stuff! Hoping I win something!!

January 9, 2011

The Fog is Lifting

This picture captures what I've felt over the past few days:

It's been foggy, mostly ugly the past couple of weeks and had I not had my heart open the morning I took this photo I would have missed the beauty in it. Yes, things didn't look so good at first, but now the sun is breaking through and the fog is starting to lift. God is every where we look - we just have to keep our hearts and minds open to see Him.

If I had not had the experience of the last few weeks I may not have seen the beauty of it all.  I am not in control, God is.  He knows when the right time will be.  He knows what is important for me to see now.  I can only take one step at a time and trust Him.   All will be revealed in His time.