April 2, 2011

My Beauty Campaign Recap


I am honest
I am self-sufficient and reliable
I see the good in everyone I meet
I am a great mother
I was created by a wonderful and  merciful God

Now that I have completed my own personal session of MBC, I could not be more excited about sharing this experience with other women!  When I came across MBC a few short months ago I thought it was an amazing thing to do for women.  I didn't think I would have the chance to be a part of it.  I kept thinking about it, and decided it was worth the investment.  I am so glad I did!  Even if this doesn't take off with my clients (but, please if you are interested, let me know!), I have become more confident in who I am.  I still struggle with the typical things like my tummy is too flabby, or my butt is too big.  But, now that I've gone through this process, I'm okay with not being perfect.  Of course, it helps that I have two wonderful men in my life that help me to see how beautiful I really am.  Joseph, my nearly 18 month old son, loves to play with my "flabby" tummy.  And, Frank, has always loved my "big" butt!  :)  So, even though I may struggle with the way I look sometimes, to know that there are people who love me for who I am and what I do, is a true reminder that I am beautiful!  

A big thank you to my Mom for helping on my journey.  I wouldn't be this confident if it weren't for you.
Another big thank you to Vanessa Villagrana for taking the photos you see above.  She did a great job!