July 31, 2011

Beaultiful Rochelle {Beauty Session| Lemoore, CA Photographer}

Life has been crazy busy lately between working 40 hours a week at my other job, baby showers, housework, and of course spending time with my men I haven't had much time for editing.  But, because my husband has been gone for the past week and my mom took some time to spend with Joseph I got a lot done this weekend.  I finished editing Ashley & Ryan's wedding and sent all their images to them.  I also finished a maternity session and shot & edited another Beauty Session.  Thank you all for your patience!  The week before my husband left I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him and because I was working full-time at my other job, that meant no editing time.  Now, I am all caught up on editing and ready for the next item on my to do list...which is a very LONG list!  =)

Now that I am all caught up I want to share with you some photos from my friend Rochelle's Beauty Session.  Rochelle is a beautiful woman, a great mother & wife.  Not to mention, she's a great hair stylist!  (If you're in Visalia and looking for someone, I highly recommend her - she works at Tiffany's Salon & Spa).  If you book a beauty session with me that includes hair styling, Rochelle is the one that will be helping you out.  Yay!!  I am so excited about her being my partner in the Beauty Campaign sessions because she really has a passion for wanting to help women feel beautiful in their own skin, and she is fantastic at it!

Without further ado....

As part of the process of a beauty session, each woman must ask someone close to her to complete a brief, but highly meaningful assignment.  Part of that assignment is for them to tell the woman why they think she is beautiful.

Here are some of the things Rochelle's Mother-in-law and husband said about her:

Mother In Law:

Describe your feelings, and what stood out to you when you first met Rochelle.
[I noticed] a joy when you look at her and felt it come from her.

What characteristics does she have that you admire?
She has an assertiveness to sensitivity to others.

What is your best memory of you two together?
She colored my hair even before she went to beauty school and she was so nervous.  I enjoyed the girl play time.

In your eyes, why is Rochelle beautiful?
Rochelle is beautiful because of how gracious she is, especially with her daughter.


Describe your feelings, and what stood out to you when you first met Rochelle.
(I'm paraphrasing here...) I knew I had to meet her because she was so beautiful.

What characteristics does she have that you admire?
She is a great parent, a hard worker (at home & work).  She is patient with both our daughter and me.  She takes good care of our family, her family, and my family.  She takes care of others when they need help with anything.

What is the best memory of you two together?
The trip to the coast camping with our family and our trip alone to Santa Cruz for Father's Day.

In your eyes, why is Rochelle beautiful?
She has a beautiful face, a really sexy body and an ass that drives you nuts!  She has the biggest heart in the whole world!  

Why Rochelle knows she is beautiful

I am beautiful because....

I am kind to others

I have a good sense of style

I always try to have great hair.

I am a great wife to my husband.

I am a great Mommy to my daughter.

This is My Beauty Campaign!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Rochelle, you ARE beautiful!  Thank you for everything!  I can't wait to work with you and all the women who join this campaign.

Here is her slide show of images as well.

If you are interested in having a Beauty Session of your own, or you know of someone you think a session might benefit, please feel free to contact me for further details. Email me at baltazarphoto@yahoo.com.

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  1. Rochelle has been a dear friend for over 9 years; she is kind, gracious and strives to make everyone in her life feel loved. Words can't describe her inner beauty as a person.